Eagle Squad

Eagle Squad 1989

Eight cops are organized into an anti-vice squad. They risk their lives and test their brotherhood in every mission they accomplish.

The Boy Who Knew Too Much!

The Boy Who Knew Too Much! 1972

Little Ilker is a real trouble maker. He regularly prank calls the police, the fire department and plays tricks on anyone he encounters. One evening, while snooping around, Ilker witnesses a vicious murder and immediately runs to tell about it. There's only one problem...no one believes him!

Yakuza Skirmishes

Yakuza Skirmishes 1972

In the gaudy world of 1930s Shinjuku, a violent youth known as Bakudan Match tangles explosively with prostitutes, politicians and the police.

True Account of Ginza Tortures

True Account of Ginza Tortures 1973

After a desperate gang of ex-soldiers and gamblers meet in a fistfight in occupied Ginza, they decide to make the neighborhood their own.

Killer Flower

Killer Flower 1992

A journalist photographs an assassin in the act of execution, but the assassin lets her go. The same thing happens again, and the assassin's gang question his motives.

An Affair in Mind

An Affair in Mind 1988

A young novelist falls for a married blond beauty. She's too afraid to leave her thuggish husband and the idea of "accidental" death comes up. The writer doesn't go through with it and they break off. However, she's not done with him yet.