The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast 1974

A project assembled to musically support William Plomer's (1903-73) book of poems called 'The Butterfly Ball and Grasshoppers Feast'; in which Alan Aldridge had provided the illustrations. British Lion had secured the rights, and commissioned Glover, through Tony Edwards (the Deep Purple manager), to add the musical dimension that it required if it were to be made into a 26-part animated cartoon series, suitable for TV. (Discogs) This is the music video for the song Love Is All, performed by Ronnie James Dio.

Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly: Live in New Orleans 1981

Frankie Beverly takes seminal soul band Maze through its paces in this compilation culled from 12 shows the group performed at New Orleans's famous Saenger Theatre. The guys have the folks from the Big Easy on their feet as they funk their way through classics like "Back in Stride," "We Are One," "Never Let You Down," "Joy and Pain," "Happy Feelin's," "Southern Girl" and more.

Circadian Rhythms - The Drumming World of Ted Kirkpatrick

As drummer, songwriter and cofounder of Tourniquet since its inception in 1990, Ted's agressive, musical, and often unorthodox approach to the drums has been recognized by thousands. See where he gets his inspiration and how he transfers that passion to the drums - enter the drumming world of Ted Kirkpatrick.